These Spring Fashion Trends Will Turn You Into A Real Fashion Queen

Published on 03/25/2021

Spring is arriving and so are the new fashion trends! In this article we will show you the most popular fashion trends of spring 2021, that will turn you into a real fashion expert!

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These Spring Fashion Trends Will Turn You Into A Real Fashion Queen

Matching Sets

It is all about matching sets this spring. High-waisted pants plus the matching top, that is what you need this spring. The matching sets are not only looking gorgeous, but also are very easy to throw on. You can find great and affordable clothing sets on sites like Forever 21, Zalando, Asos or Shein.

Boyfriend Jackets

Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets are super trendy this spring. This style really brings the 80s back and is not only really easy to style, but will make every ordinary outfit instantly look like fresh from the runway! You can pair your blazer with leggings, wide jeans or biker shorts. Besides gray, white and black colors that are also really trendy are blue, coral and beige. So get yourself a shoulder padded boyfriend jacket and create a chic and trendy look!

Head Scarfs

Head scarfs are back in trend this spring. What is best known from 60s movies, is now seen on fashion runways all over the world. I am sure you remember the scene in old movies, where a woman sits in a convertible and covers her head with a beautiful scarf, so her hair is not going to get ruined. This spring you can use the scarf for more than just your hair to stay in place. You can in cooperate it in numerous hairstyles, and you will see, how a simple ponytail will turn into a catwalk hairstyle with a headscarf. The Most common ways to style a headscarf is to let it hanging back off your head, wrapping it over a bun or wrap your scarf loose over your head and knot it under your chin. You will see how a headscarf will change a whole outfit.

Pastel Tones

Here comes another spring fashion trend, that is just looking fabulous. Pastel tones. Colors like mint green, lavender, baby blue or light pink are seen everywhere in the fashion world right now. From mint green overalls, over lavender colored suits to baby blue wide pants, if you like pastel tones this is your year! Check out sides like Zalando, Mytheresa, Asos und co. to get a cute pastel colored look!

Colorful Bags

A bag adds way more to an outfit than you might think. That is exactly the reason, why bright colorful bags, such as yellow or red bags are totally in this spring. Especially yellow colored bags in bright yellow or mustard tones are super in and seen on catwalks all round the world. Why are they so great? Because you can wear a very simple outfit, such as jeans, a white shirt and sneakers, but if you’ll add a yellow bag the outfit will look way more fashionable in an instance! You can get the look on pages like Nordstrom, Zalando or John Lewis. You will see how easy it is to make a simple outfit look super fashionable with some small Accessories.