Research Shows This Is What You Should Wear On A First Date

Published on 07/18/2021

First dates are meant to be fun and exciting, but for many, they can also be extremely stressful and quite nerve-wracking. A lot of the time this is because deciding what to wear is not always so easy. We’ve all faced the dilemma of first date dress code, right? Now you don’t need to worry anymore, we’re here to guide you and hopefully take away one stress factor from the dating game. Keep reading to see some top tips on what to wear on a first date.

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Research Shows This Is What You Should Wear On A First Date

When In Doubt, Wear Black or Red

According to color psychologists, when going on the first day, the best colors to wear are red or black. Especially for women, wearing these colors can make you appear more attractive and desirable to your date. Experts also found that the connection runs deeper than many cultural contexts that society associates with these romantic colors. A recent study suggested something so fascinating, men are willing to spend more on a date if the woman is wearing red. On the other hand, black has also been seen as a go-to color for both men and women.

Go All Natural

We all want to look our best on a first date because first impressions are so important. However, it is recommended that you do not overdo your makeup in any way. Try to keep it as minimal as possible! Wearing makeup on a date is a great way to boost your confidence, but a full face of heavy makeup may negatively impact how you’re perceived. You also want your date to see the ‘real’ you. So, in this case, less is more! Additionally, the way you style your hair on a first date is also important. Keep it natural and not too overdone. It doesn’t matter if you prefer it straight or curly, as long as it’s simple yet elegant.

Wear Something Comfortable And Practical

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to what to wear on a first date. You should always make sure that whatever you choose to wear is both practical and comfortable. The last thing you want to give off is negative signals or body language, making your date think you aren’t enjoying yourself. It’s a fact that when a person wears something that makes them feel comfortable, they will exclude confidence. Plus, wearing an outfit that’s comfortable and practical allows you to stay fully engaged in the conversation. Instead of thinking about how your shoes are rubbing or your shirt keeps riding up, you can focus on creating a deeper connection with your date.

Location Is Key

Always clarify with your date the exact type of date you two are going on. This helps you choose an outfit that reflects the environment and the kind of date you will be having. You don’t want to be wearing a cocktail dress and high heels if you’re going horseback riding or hiking. It is also best to check the weather just before you leave for the day so you are totally prepared for anything.